Chemical industry

HUTNI PROJEKT Frydek-Mistek a.s. focus on cokery by-product. Our company provides complete project documentation, supply and commissioning of separate technological units, equipment and pipeline routes associated with the cleaning of raw coke oven gas and ammonia water, including production and shipment of chemical products.

We have extensive experience with the design of apparatus type tube exchangers, scrubbers, strippers, reactors, flares. Also, outside Coking chemical plants HUTNI PROJEKT Frydek-Mistek a.s. offers complete processing services from feasibility study to construction. It is mainly about the implementation of the information provided on external licensors specific solutions for the client.

Chemical technology units offer a balancing mass and heat flows (balance of existing and new technologies, optimization of technological hubs, proposals for new technological apparatus, etc.). We solve the storage of liquids and solids products, their loading and unloading, transport systems (pipelines), liquids, gases and solids. For all the above areas, we also offer supervision, start-up and commissioning.

Services offered in the chemical industry

  • The determination of the balance of existing and new technologies
  • Optimization of technological hubs
  • Proposals for new technological equipment (ChemCAD)

Offered technological nodes

  • Coarse and fine condensation
  • Primary and final gas cooling
  • Tar separation from the coke oven gas (electrostatic or mechanical filters)
  • Gas transportation
  • Washing out of BTX hydrocarbons from coke oven gas
  • Processing of phenol-ammonia plants, including biological wastewater treatment plant

De-sulphurization technology:

By Ammonia

  • H2S in the purified coke gas ≤ 0.4 g / Nm3
  • NH3 in the purified coke gas ≤ 0.03 g / Nm3
  • The product desulfurization, sulphur is a purity of 99.9%

Vacuum carbonate

  • H2S in the purified coke gas ≤ 0.1 g / Nm3
  • NH3 in the purified coke gas ≤ 0.03 g / Nm3
  • Desulphurization product is sulfuric acid having a purity of 94% or sulfur having a purity of 99.9%

Oxidation (Stretford)

  • H2S in the purified coke gas ≤ 0.05 g / Nm3
  • NH3 in the purified coke gas ≤ 0.03 g / Nm3
  • Desulphurization product sulphur having a purity up-to 98.5%