HUTNI PROJEKT Frydek-Mistek a.s. offers delivery and design documentation energy buildings, which are primarily power plants of various types and capacities. Our company in these buildings also addresses greening, such as desulphurisation (DeSOx), denitrification (DeNOx), de-dusting, etc.

Among energy buildings offered by our company include further sources with combined heat and power (cogeneration units), boiler room on different (alternative) fuels, biogas and exchange stations. Among energy buildings designed by our company include also chilled cooling and water management.


Dust removal and desulphurization of energy sources

  • Dust removal, DeSOx and DeNOx boilers in power plants based on processed Basic Design Licensor

DeSOx and DeNOx – FlueFlex

FlueFlex technology is used for flue gas desulfurization and denitrification of coking batteries. Technology takes place in two main steps:

  1. Reduction of SO2 protection technologies DeNOx and achieve the desired SO2 concentration > 30 mg / Nm3 by using semi-dry lime or ammonia method.
  2. Denitrification for achieving NOx concentration> 30 mg / Nm3 by means of conventional catalytic methods (catalytic reactor) or a combined device (common filter and the catalytic reactor, a bag filter with an embedded catalyst).

BTP-HP Aquachemie (Biological Treatment Plant)

Design BWWTP for industrial applications to achieve up to 70% re-utilization of waste water technology with the use of membrane separation processes (reverse osmosis)

Venting & Sealing

Prevention of leakage of harmful substances from individual operating facilities into the air with an inert medium (nitrogen)