Designing activities and services during construction

Predevising preparation

  • Complex pre-project & pre-design activities include Investment study.

Design activity

  • Documentation as per EIA (Act No.100 / 2001 Sb.), Including consultations
  • Documentation IPPC (Act No.76 / 2002 Sb.), Including consultations
  • Documentation for “Area approval” (law 501/2006 Coll.) Including Area approval
  • Documentation for “Construction permit” (law 499/2006 Coll.), Including Construction permit

Design activity

  • Energy Performance Certificate – PENB
  • Site work management
  • The documentation for a contractor builder (also in cases of public tenders)
  • Documentation for Site Erection (Decree 499/2006 Coll.)
  • Documentation of As build, including “RedCorrect” documentation
  • All documents are processed and done by an authorized person

The activities during erection

  • Presents of authorized supervision
  • Presents on behalf of investors technical supervision
  • Provision of OSH Coordinator on site (Act No.309 / 2006 Coll.)
  • Preparation of documentation for commissioning (operating instructions)
  • Participation during commissioning – individual and comprehensive testing, pilot operation
  • The preparation of the approval process, including the incorporation of comments from approval committee

3D Modeling, BIM

Currently is the Designing undergoing a change, not only in the Czech Republic from 2D – drawings to 3D modelling. Our company HUTNI PROJEKT Frydek-Mistek a.s., in thia metter very active and we offer processing of complex projects in 3D. We also offer processing of BIM models.

The use of 3D modelling software

– Advance Steel – Steel structures

– Building Design Suite (Revit) – construction part, HVAC, electrical

– AutoCAD Civil 3D – Road&Transport construction

– Plant Design Suite – piping systems

– CREO (previously ProEngineer) – technological equipment

– EPLAN – electro

Software used for coordination and control of 3D models

  • Autodesk NavisWorks

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

  • 3D models HPFM contain information about the material, element type, class, etc. pipeline.
  • Developing a model 4D = 3D model contains a timeline (Timeliner)
  • Developing a model 5D = 4D to model are complemented including construction costs

Many of the projects developed by our firm are not located on „greenfield“ sites but are located in existing Brownfields. In these cases, our designers use the capabilities of modern 3D scanning and drones to create point clouds and 3D solid models generated from these point clouds. These 3D models are then incorporated into the 3D design models to minimise the risk of potential collisions on site.