Thermal technical services

Supervision during the lining of coke oven batteries

  • Technical supervision of the implementation of refractory linings as per project documentation
  • Technical supervision of the technological equipment assembly related to the downstream refractory brickwork
  • Supervision of comprehensive tests during a running-operation
  • Complex activity cover activity of acceptances of refractory

Drying and heating-up coke oven batteries

  • Drying and heating-up of coke oven batteries using thermocouples with wireless technology for data collection
  • Laboratory of dilatometer tests and chemical composition of refractory
  • Elaboration of drying curve

Regulation of the anchoring ties of coke batteries

  • Checking & control activity via regulating the anchoring as per to project documentation

Temperature and pressure control of coke oven batteries

  • Measurements of temperature, flue gas analysis and adjustment of the pressure modes
  • Optimization of thermal regime with respect to emissions and battery age

Audits of coke oven batteries

  • Measurement of the temperature and pressure conditions
  • Measurement of flue gas analysis
  • Measurements of tightness masonry coke batteries
  • Check for damage to the brickwork and flue chambers