Category: Coke oven battery

Location: Ostrava

Customer: ArcelorMittal Ostrava Inc.

Project: Modernization of existing Quenching tower

Realization: 2015


Project consisted in modernization and upgrade of existing technological equipment for wet quenching of coke in order to reduce dust emissions during coke quenching.

Turn-key delivery solved a significant reduction of dust emissions from quenching tower.  Into the existing quenching tower there were installed stainless steel internals consisting of two layers of special stainless steel “cups” placed on supporting steel structure and new spraying nozzles grid located above the layer of “cups”.  Existing timbering part of quenching tower were replaced by new cassette timbering.  In the bottom part of the tower there were changed wooden lining of walls.  New internals placed into the quenching tower resulted in reducing of tower draft, therefore the tower was raised to the height of 30m.  All the internal as well as supporting structure and spraying nozzles grid and water pipelines were made from stainless steel.