Category: Coke Procuction

Location: Germany

Client:ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG

Implementation: 2019



HUTNÍ PROJEKT Frýdek-Místek a.s. supplied and installed at the ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG plant in Duisburg the SHO test furnace for measuring of expansion of coking coals. The supplied SHO furnace is a result of the company’s own development and is manufactured in accordance with ASTM D2014-97 standard.  The SHO furnace is designed in a two-chamber design with electric heating of the furnace bottom.  The furnace allows testing of either one coal sample or two coal samples simultaneously. The capacity of each chamber is 6kg of coal. The SHO furnace is used to test the expansion or shrinkage of various coal mixtures under precisely defined conditions. The operation of the furnace is controlled automatically and the test results are recorded in a connected industrial PC.

The SHO furnace was delivered to a German customer in the summer  2019 and is currently in normal operation.